Student Visa Information Service

We are a group of professionals based in the UK offering help and guidance regarding Student Visa Applications.

**News Flash***

Due to the Covid-19 Outbreak this has created major issues in the way in which Universities are operating at present.  Some students who are currently in the UK are unable to go home, which for obvious reasons creates upset, loneliness and isolation for them.  The Visa Information Service are currently joining up with the #WeAreTogether campaign, so that we can help create a “Positive Online Group” aimed at helping everyone in need of support.  Sharing the messages of Solidarity and Empathy is a great way to show that we all care.

We would like to reassure all students currently affected by these challenging times, that you are not alone, we are all here to help.


Due to Government rules and regulations it has become a mind field for some students looking to come to the UK to learn. Most University enrollment offices equally find this area complex and quite overwhelming.

This is why we formed the Visa Information Service for prospective students looking to come to the UK.

Our team consists a group of leading Legal, Academic and International educated individuals, that are here to help anyone and everyone, completely free of charge.

The United Kingdom attracts over 450,000 students from around the world, with over 130,000 students being from the European Union.  The Brexit negotiations as well as stricter rules for International Students generally, will make gaining a Visa for studying here even more complex. Find out more about what you need to learn on our University Visa Help page here.

We are looking to provide Quick, Free and up to date information to everyone overseas, ensuring a smooth application process is achieved.

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